Repear – Game Jam Build Download

Repear is a bizarre and oddly addictive little blend of construction and QWOP-like physics based mayhem, where you attach various mechanized objects to a pear and attempt to make it travel as far as possible.

In Repear your aim is to make a pear move as far as possible within 20 seconds. There are some things pears are good at (such as being squishy and tasty) but self propulsion isn’t one of them, so to make it mobile it may need a little mechanized assistance. This mechanized assistance comes in the form of a random assortment of blocks and mechanical pieces which can spin, contract and expand when you press the corresponding key (1,2,3 & 4). You can attach as many parts as you like to your pear, but actually getting your mechanized monstrosity to move where you want it to is another matter!

Repear’s blend of construction and physics-based QWOP-like movement works very well and it’s a very addictive experience. It’s extremely hard to actually get your pear to move in anything remotely close to a straight line, but it’s a whole lot of fun trying to!

Download or Play Repear Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)