Repeat – Game Jam Build Download


Repeat, a puzzle platformer made for the Global Game Jam, has you replaying the same level over and over again, but with a different rules – from low gravity moon physics to playing in pitch black.

In Repeat, your goal is to fetch key and then return to the door. There are some easy to avoid spikes, a button that pushes you upwards, and a platform that falls over time. This seems like quite the simple task, however, after each level the game changes. The controls or gameplay aspects of the game can completely change. None of the controls are told to you, so you need to look for clues in the title or background to figure out what to do. For example, in a level you are told a list of numbers. The normal controls stop working, so you may want to try to use these numbers instead.

Adding these little tweaks to the level can completely change the gameplay aspect of it. The gameplay can get quite challenging very quickly and the stick character and hand drawn backgrounds add a lot of character.  It’s a clever game that proves that manages to pack a huge amount of gameplay into just one level, proving that you don’t need lots of levels to make a great platformer, just lots of variety.

Download Repeat Here