Replaced – Alpha Demo


Replaced is a gorgeous looking Unreal Engine-powered first person puzzle platformer that see’s you using a teleportation gun to escape a mysterious alien temple.

You play as Leika Antaris, a female astronaut who has crash-landed on an alien planet and must figure out a way to escape by utilizing the strange alien technology. Early on you pick up a very nifty teleportation gun, that allows you to swap places with different colored glowing orbs depending on it’s polarity. So, if the gun is glowing red, you can switch places with the red orbs and if it’s glowing blue you can switch places with the blue orbs. These orbs also have the ability to activate mechanisms such as doors if placed in the correct place, so a lot of the time it’s not about where you are teleporting to, but where you’re teleporting from, as you swap places with the orbs

The Alpha Demo of Replaced impresses with it’s beautiful visuals, smooth gameplay and fun teleportation mechanics. The puzzles are fairly easy in the current build, but fondly reminiscent of Portal in their design, and could certainly offer up a very enticing prospect when expanded upon in the full game.

Check out The Replaced Greenlight Page Here

Check Out a Replaced Gameplay Video Here

Download The Replaced Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)