Reprisal Universe – Beta Download

Reprisal Universe

Reprisal Universe is a wonderful pixel art God sim, created as a homage to Populous and the nostalgia of 16 bit games.  It’s a major upgrade to the popular browser game Reprisal, which you can still get through Desura.

The isometric pixel art style is fantastic, it can make things a little confusing when you’re altering the terrain, but it’s worth it to see your subjects scampering around the map in all their pixelated glory.  You’re tasked with guiding our tribe, building land and invading other colonies to help them grow in number.  As well as terraforming tools, you also have powerful totem powers that you can use on enemies, laying waste to their cities.  Your most useful tool is ‘kindle’ which kicks your inhabitants out of their houses and gets them working – many hands make light work (and obliterate the enemy).

In this pixelised Populous it’s fun being a God, Reprisal Universe looks set to give us everything that Godus failed to deliver.  The Beta covers the first 15 missions of the story mode, the finished version will feature lots more levels as well as other improvements.  The dev is looking for feedback concerning difficulty levels (too easy or too hard) and any bugs or other improvement suggestions.

Feedback can be given below or through it’s official TIG Forum page.

Visit the Official Website HERE

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available