ReScale – Student Game

ReScale is a fantastic third person puzzle platforming adventure that plays like a blend of Ant-Man and an Arthur C. Clarke Sci-Fi epic as you use your ability to shrink and grow to explore a mysterious alien temple.

In ReScale you take control of an astronaut who has been sent on a mission to investigate a mysterious alien temple found on the planet Kepler 186. After entering the temple strange alien statues bestow you with the power to alter the size of certain glowing blue cubes and to alter the size of yourself.

You can shift yourself (and the blue cubes) between three sizes at the touch of a button (normal, small and very small), which then allows you to solve puzzles and find routes to delve deeper into the mysterious temple. Your resizing abilities come in handy in a wide variety of ways and allow you to see the world from different perspectives – a small crack becomes a gaping chasm when you’re only a few inches tall and a small gust of wind can be a big problem!

The narrative of ReScale is told via voice recorders you find as you explore the temple but it’s entirely in French, so if you don’t speak the lingo then you won’t be able to tell what they say. It doesn’t detract too much from the experience though as it’s a fascinating experience exploring the temple, the puzzle design is incredibly creative and the resizing mechanics a whole lot of fun to play around with. Highly recommended.

Note: As this is a french game the menus and dialogue is all in French and the keyboard controls are set up for an AZERTY keyboard. However, there’s not much dialogue in the game and the controls work perfectly with a control pad.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ReScale Here (Windows – Control Pad Recommended)