Reset – Alpha Demo

Reset game

Reset is a gorgeous first person sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you record versions of yourself and work alongside them to solve large open-world puzzles.

You pilot a mech on a large 16 square km island set in a beautifully rendered dystopian future, with 30 unique puzzle areas that you can solve in any order you like.  Your mech isn’t the most agile of vehicles, but it does come in handy for operating machinery, lifting large objects and (most importantly) its nifty ability to record and playback your movements and actions.

The Reset Alpha Demo features a large section of a city, and challenges you to find and replace two power cores that have been damaged in an aircraft crash.  How you do this isn’t immediately apparent as there is very little guidance at the moment, but it requires the use of your record and repeat function to solve complex physics based puzzles.

To record yourself you simply press ‘R’ and carry out your actions, then press ‘R’ again – when you press ‘R’ the second time you’ll reset back to where you started the recording and your duplicate will start to ‘play’, allowing you to work alongside and co-operate with yourself.

The game world of Reset looks fantastic, with dynamic day and night cycles and realistic water, cloud and lighting effects.  Even in these early stages of development it impresses with its fantastic visuals and core gameplay mechanics.  A smart sci-fi noir adventure with beauty and brains.

Note:  It can be a little tricky to figure out your objectives in the current build.  The three important areas are the smashed road sections you start on, the crashed airplane and the cranes that are behind it.  if you get stuck, just check out this playthrough video.

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Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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