Residence of Evil: Vigil – Alpha Demo

Residence of Evil: Vigil is a Resident Evil homage/fan game that sees you exploring a beautifully rendered (and eerily familiar) mansion filled with classic RE1 style zombies.

Created by Resident Evil fans for Resident Evil fans, Residence of Evil: Vigil is essentially a Resident Evil game in all but name (and the name is pretty damn close too!). It’s an old school survival horror adventure sees you exploring a creepy old mansion (that looks a lot like the one from RE1), solving puzzles and shooting slow, shuffling zombies.

The current demo build is still early in development, but it does give you a large area of the mansion to explore and takes around 15 minutes to play through. The mansion’s layout is very similar to the one in RE1, though there are significant differences too and it’s beautifully rendered and packed full of detail.

Resident Evil purists will be happy to know that gameplay-wise Residence of Evil: Vigil follows the Resident Evil template too, with classic “insert object X into Y” puzzles, limited ammo, fixed camera angles, tank controls and slow, shuffling zombies. The zombies don’t present too much of a threat at the moment and they seem unable to handle stairs, but you can expect their AI to be built upon in future builds.

Residence of Evil: Vigil is shaping up to deliver everything fans of the early Resident Evil games want – classic survival horror gameplay in a creepy zombie infested mansion. A mansion that looks A LOT like RE1’s mansion, but different enough to provide a whole new adventure and to keep Capcom’s lawyers from shutting it down. Resident Evil remixed.

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