Resident Evil CODE: Madman – Prototype Download

resident evil code madman download

Resident Evil CODE: Madman is a fanmade recreation of one of the prototypes that Capcom scrapped before releasing what we all know as Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 went through several very different prototypes before Capcom settled on the version that we all know and love – one of them ended up being Devil May Cry and most of the rest were just scraped and the assets used elsewhere. Resident Evil CODE: Madman is a recreation of the third cancelled prototype, known as Hallucination, which Capcom actually showed footage of at E3 2003. and featured a virus-infected Leon exploring a mansion filled with creepy paranormal enemies such as haunted suits of armour and living dolls.

The developer of Resident Evil CODE: Madman has used the gameplay footage and information available about the Hallucination prototype to recreate the version of RE4 that could of been. Although there was a bit of gameplay footage and information known about Hallucination, there was little known about the actual plot, so the dev plans to create a narrative that continues on from Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.

The dev is continuing to work on Resident Evil CODE: Madman (for as long as Capcom’s lawyers allow it) and has just released a Prototype Demo build. It’s fairly short, but is very impressive, and certainly feels like a Resident Evil game. While no-ones going to complain about the version of Resident Evil 4 that Capcom did finally release, it’s nice to ruminate on what could of been, and it’s nice to be back in an old creepy Resident Evil mansion!

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Resident Evil CODE: Madman Here

Download the Resident Evil CODE: Madman Prototype Here (Controlpad Required)

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