Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings – Beta

Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings is a fantastic Resident Evil Game Boy demake that delivers a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek take on Capcom’s classic survival horror adventure.

In Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings you’ll be able to play through a rather different take on the original Resident Evil game. It features all the main story beats and locations of the entire first mansion segment from Resident Evil, but with some fun twists and an irreverent fourth wall-breaking sense of humor.

Aside from the Game Boy visuals and humour, a large difference from the original is the combat. When you encounter an enemy in Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings it shifts to a real-time shooting gallery style of gameplay. You can aim at different parts of your enemies (such as headshots) to do more damage, but it increases your chances of missing. Enemies continually walk towards you and attack if they reach you, set landing a hit on them staggers them and knocks them back to this start point (so sometimes it’s best to go for the weak easy shots rather than headshots).

Unfortunately at the moment it’s unlikely that development of Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings will progress past the current build as it was a lockdown project that the dev doesn’t plan to return to. There are some missing cut-scenes and most of the audio is missing, but the full game is playable, the pixel art is excellent, it’s got a hilarious sense of humor, it’s packed full of secrets and the ending is delightful. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings Beta Here (Browser)

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