Resident Evil: Maiden – Beta Demo (PS5)

Resident Evil: Maiden is a visually stunning standalone Resident Evil Village demo which sees you attempting to escape from the dungeon of a mansion that’s inhabited by some very wicked women.

Originally created as a tech demo to showcase what the new Resident Evil game will look like on the new generation of consoles, the devs of Resident Evil: Maiden since decided to expand it into a short standalone horror adventure. It’s set in the same place, but at a different time from the upcoming Resident Evil: Village game and sees you attempting to escape from a dank dungeon below a luxurious mansion.

It takes around 15 minutes to play through Resident Evil: Maiden and looks absolutely stunning, with incredibly detailed environments, HDR and full raytracing support. Gameplay is in first person and sees you searching for hidden passages, solving a few simple puzzles and avoiding the advances of a couple of particularly terrifying ladies that inhabit the mansion. There is one notable object that you pick up which doesn’t appear to have any function at the moment (a necklace). It may hold a similar function to the Dummy Finger from the Resident Evil 7 demo, so its purpose may not be revealed until a later patch.

Maiden Is Available to Download Via The PSN Store (PS5 Only)

Special thanks to SenelBerke for the Heads Up About this Beta!