Resident Evil RE(7)make – Alpha Download

Resident Evil RE(7)make is a very impressive fan made remake that allows you to play the original Resident Evil game in full 3D and in first person.

In Resident Evil RE(7)make you can enter the iconic mansion of the original Resident Evil game to solve puzzles and blast zombies from a whole new perspective. Gone are the tank controls, inventory management and static camera angles, but the game still manages to recreate the atmosphere and classic survival horror gameplay of the original.

Walking back into that mansion again and exploring it in first person feels like both a nostalgic and new experience. This is thanks largely to the developer tweaking the layout of the mansion a bit, adding more rooms and puzzles to deal with. The shift to first person could make shooting the zombies too easy, but the dev has counteracted this by adding a more zombies. They’re (mostly) slow moving but, as in the original, they’re not the real danger, running out of ammo is! Ammo is in very short supply so you really have to make every bullet count when you have them lined up in your sights.

Resident Evil is a 22 year old game, but the shift to first person and the new rooms/puzzles make Resident Evil RE(7)make feel like a fresh survival horror experience. The story mode is tough and (thanks largely to the limited ammo) very tense, and there’s even a Mercenaries mode if you fancy a more arcadey zombie blasting experience. The old mansion still has plenty secrets to uncover in this superb fan made remake.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Resident Evil RE(7)make Alpha Build Here (Windows)