Resident Evil: Village – Beta Demo (Playstation, Xbox, Steam & Stadia)

Capcom is holding some special limited time Resident Evil: Village demo events that will allow Playstation players to explore the village and castle areas of the game first, then allow Xbox, Steam and Stadia users to play in May.

After the excellent standalone Maiden demo that was released in January, Capcom are now letting PS5 and PS4 owners check out some real Resident Evil: Village gameplay. They are releasing two timed demos that allow players to play through sections of the Village and Castle areas. However, there are some pretty big caveats!

Firstly, each demo is only playable within a specific eight hour window. And you only get 30 minutes of total playtime for each one – even if you restart the game your play time won’t! This means you need to turn up promptly and make the most of your half your playtime as you won’t get to play it again (until the next demo releases anyway).

The Village Demo is available from 17th April 5pm PDT to 18th April 1am PDT in the US and 18th April 6pm BST to 19th April 2am BST in Europe. The Castle demo will be available from 24th April 5pm PDT to 25th April 1am PDT in the US and 25th April 6pm BST to 26th April 2am BST.

Both demos will also be released at the start of May on Steam, Xbox One, Series S and Stadia (as well as PS4 and PS5). They will go live at 5pm PDT on 1st May in the US and 1am BST on 2nd May in Europe and will be available for a week. They will also have an hour long time limit to though after which you won’t be able to play. Better make the best of your time with Lady Dmittrescu!

You Can Find More Info On The Demos Here