Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole – Beta Download

Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole is a rage-inducingly tough top-down arcade game where you attempt to navigate mazes without touching the sides while every turn you take makes you speed up!

In Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole you control a disembodied rabbit head who hares around mazes at ridiculous speeds. Your aim in each level is to reach the exit, but you can only enter it once you go above the required speed. Every time you turn a corner you’ll speed up and you can also grab food on some levels which will also speed you up. Of course, going faster does make the game even harder, but it’s called “Resuffer” for a reason!

The visual style of Resuffer is excellent and it’s a pretty addictive game, but only if you’re into a real challenge – death comes fast and often and may result in many a rage quit. It doesn’t ease you in either, with even the first bunch of levels requiring some real skill and perseverance to complete. It won’t be for everyone but if pain is your pleasure then there’s plenty for you down this rabbit hole!

Check Out the Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole Steam Page Here

To get the Resuffer: Down The Rabbit Hole Beta join the official Discord group then download the Beta via the #get-the-beta channel

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