Resurgence – Student Game Download

Resurgence is a stylish vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up where you can instantly freeze or rewind time to get the drop on your enemies.

In Resurgence you take control of a lone spaceship that’s on a mission to destroy the mothership of an alien fleet that’s threatening to destroy your home planet. The core gameplay of is similar to most classic arcade shoot ‘em ups – you fly through space, collecting power-ups and blasting baddies. However, you also have the ability to freeze or rewind time, which has some significant advantages in the heat of combat.

Your ship can only take one hit from an enemy bullet before it dies, but if you have energy for your time manipulation device then time will automatically rewind a few seconds and you’ll be able to try again. You can also manually execute the time rewind function or you can freeze time for a brief period. Freezing time is particularly advantageous as it allows you to absorb enemy fire and build up a massive wave of bullets that will be unleashed at your enemies when time unfreezed. You have to be careful though – freezing time rapidly depletes your energy bar and if you get shot when it’s empty then it’s game over.

Resurgence only features one level but it offers a nice amount of replayability if you fancy chasing high scores or trying harder difficulty levels. It’s a fun take on the classic vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up that makes for an easily accessible experience for novices and still has plenty of depth for shoot ‘em up pros.

Download Resurgence Here (Windows)