Retro Killer: The Contract – Beta Demo

retro killer game

Retro Killer: The Contract is an arcade styled, top down shooter inspired by Grand Theft Auto, Hotline Miami, Saints Row and John Wick, about an alcoholic war veteran named Jet, who must kill for money or starve on the streets.

Jet has spent most of his life killing. With a need for bloodshed, he spends his time making trouble at local bars. That is until, he gets in trouble with the law for bar fights. Now, with little money, Jet has moved to a gang-filled part of town. Taking on contract missions to pay the bills, he must adapt to this bullet-filled world.

Each day you will receive a new mission – killing off gang leaders, retrieving paperwork for businesses, and generally killing gangs. After you have completed the mission, you will get paid for the number of people you have killed. You must kill all of the people in a building to move on.

Once you are back home from your mission, you can decide how to spend your cash. A pharmacy holds all the power ups and drugs that you would ever need. An arcade provides some less violent mini games to entertain yourself or to cool off from a difficult mission. A gun store holds tons of new weapons – toys – for Jet to play around with, but remember, you will pay for each bit of ammo you use. Some guns have charging abilities to combat groups of people, others are simple one shot guns, and some are downright bizarre – such as the squirrel-filled grenade launcher.

With it’s fast, fun and brutal combat, Retro Killer: The Contract is a joy to play – can you help clean up the town in this bloody retro shooter?

Check out my video of the game HERE

UPDATE: This Beta Demo Is No Longer Available