Retro Machina – Beta Demo

Retro Machina is a beautiful isometric action adventure where a defective robot unravels the mysteries of a mysterious retro-futuristic world.

In Retro Machina you follow the adventure of a little Clank-esque robot who works on an assembly line in a city of robots. It’s not just any city – it’s the only inhabitable city on the planet and soon after the game starts you promptly get expelled from it and left to rust on a junkpile after experiencing a malfunction. You set out into the wastelands in search of some way to repair yourself and you may encounter some intelligent life along the way.

Your little robot isn’t the toughest of machines, but it does have the ability to hijack the controls of others. This can aid you in combat and can also be used to solve puzzles as you maneuver your enemies where you want them to go.

The retro-futuristic artwork in Retro Machina is beautiful and the world is a very interesting place to explore. The combat is fairly basic, but the ability to hijack enemies has a lot of potential and allows for some creative puzzle design. See what mysteries you unravel in the wastelands!

Download The Retro Machina Beta Demo Here (Steam)