Retro-Pixel Castles – Tech Demo

retro pixel castles

Retro-Pixel Castles is an RTS with elements taken from genres such as town management sims, roguelikes and tower defense games.

It’s not a game you can win, you just get better at prolonging the inevitable death of your civilization.  As you play, you’ll unlock more content, such as, additional buildings, more items and access to more units to control, you can use these unlocks on your next attempt to keep your villagers alive.

We first covered Retro-Pixel Castles last month, and had fun playing around with the map editor, but since then a new build has been released which allows you to actually play with your tiny civilisation and RPC has started a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns.

Once you figure out how to build and gather resources (click on the small ‘+’ sign next to the hammer when building the town centre),  then the resource gathering and building is remarkably easy.  Instead of clicking on each and every villager and giving them a job, you simply ‘paint’ areas of the map you want to gather resources and select sites for your buildings, then your villagers will simply carry out the work as they see fit.  It’s a simple and intuitive way of managing your tiny followers that removes any unnecessary micro-management (even if you are managing micro people).

The Retro-Pixel Castles Tech Demo is still very early in development, with a handful of maps to play on and a map editor, but it certainly gives a good taster of things to come.  Your tiny pixelated people may inevitably be doomed, but you’ll have an enjoyable time prolonging their death.

Check out the Retro-Pixel Castles Kickstarter HERE

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Tech Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)