Retro Synthesis – Beta Demo

Retro Synthesis is a stylish cel shaded cyberpunk first person detective game where Police Detective Harrison Noels takes on a case that will lead him to the worst corners of New Venice.

Retro Synthesis is set in a Blade Runner-esque alternate 1999, where climate change has forced humanity to build massive cities above the oceans. In the full game you’ll take control of Harrison Noles, a detective who has recently suffered a personal tragedy, and must now investigate a case that will take him deep into the dark underbelly of New Venice.

The current build of Retro Synthesis takes around 25 minutes to play through and is set in Noles’ spacious apartment block, with you discussing the case and gearing up for your assignment. You don’t get to see too much of the city, but the apartment is very well designed and is full of great cyberpunk tech, giving you a taste of the world Noles lives in. It also has what must surely be the coolest package delivery scene ever (Fedex has nothing on this).

Even in its current form Retro Synthesis is a very polished experience, with great voice acting, beautiful cel shaded visuals and a highly detailed cyberpunk world you can really immerse yourself in. It’s like you’ve stepped into a cel shaded version of Blade Runner, but with a slightly less grumpy protagonist. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Retro Synthesis Beta Demo Here (Windows)