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Retro YouTube Simulator

Retro YouTube Simulator is a rather pointless (but still pretty awesome) game that allows you to experience YouTube as it would of been back in 1986 – with (almost) instant VHS home delivery of real YouTube videos!

Things weren’t quite as advanced back in 1986 – computers didn’t have fancy things like ‘graphics’, the internet barely existed and if you wanted to watch a video you had to use a trusty old VHS. Retro YouTube Simulator takes you back to the glory days of using DOS, ordering VHS videos, waiting for delivery and squinting at fuzzy 4:3 ratio videos that they produce.

In Retro YouTube Simulator you can search the entire YouTube video database by using the computer in the corner of the room. It runs on a DOS-style operating system, but it’s easy enough to get to grips with. So if you want to search for videos of cats you simply type ‘query cats’, then a list of YouTube video results will be displayed. You then simply type ‘request’ and the number of the video you want, then wait for it to be delivered. Pop it in the VHS player and you’ll be treated to glorious low definition 4:3 video!

It’s a silly concept that takes the simple act of watching cat videos on YouTube and makes it an inferior and unnecessarily drawn out process. But that’s the whole point – it’s a wonderfully nostalgic experience and the simple act sliding a virtual VHS cassette into the player is such a satisfying act that it’ll somehow make you yearn for the days of fuzzy video, slow delivery and crappy user interfaces.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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