RetroArch – Open Beta (Steam)

RetroArch is coming to Steam and you can download the Beta right now to enjoy its polished and easily accessible take on retro game emulation.

Retro game emulation has always been quite a fiddly process, often requiring a lot of messing around with settings and finding the correct emulators, but RetroArch makes it very simple and streamlined. You just load it up, select the ROM and RetroArch will take care of the rest. Fullscreen mode is automatically enabled, your control pad is automatically set up for each different system, and the emulation works seamlessly.

The current build of RetroArch supports a wide range of consoles, ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Sega Saturn (though you will need to download BIOS files for some later consoles). It also has some very cool features such as the ability to rewind games, choose different shaders and play local multiplayer games online via Netplay.

It’s essentially everything you want from an emulator – it makes the whole process very easy and it even improves the experience with some great modern features. Obviously you’ll still need to get your hands on some ROMS, but that’s what Google’s for!

Join in the RetroArch Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)