Retrograde Arena – Open Alpha

Retrograde Arena is a super stylish physics based multiplayer twin-stick brawler where bullets don’t kill you, the environment does.

Playing a little like a blend of Geometry Wars and Sumo wrestling, Retrograde Arena is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter where you win by knocking your opponents into the red colored environmental hazards. You start with a standard blaster and can collect a nice selection of power-ups, but your firepower can’t kill your enemies, instead you use it to push them into the environmental hazards (or even to push the hazards into the players). Your weapons also generate recoil though so you need to be careful not to send yourself to a premature death with overzealous firing.

Playable in online or local multiplayer matches with up to 6 players, Retrograde Arena is a whole lot of fun. The TRON-esque wireframe visual style is very cool and the gameplay is incredibly fast paced, with compact arenas that can make for some wonderfully chaotic matches. The Alpha will be live from today until Sunday, June 2nd 2019 GMT 23:59 (and you should be able to play offline against bots once it’s over).

UPDATE – The latest test dates are as follows:
1st wave:From the 15th of June to 16th of June
2nd wave:From the 22nd of June to 23rd of June
Last wave:From the 29th of June to 30th of June

Check Out Retrograde Arena on IndieGoGo Here

You Can Give Feedback Via The official Discord Group

Download The Retrograde Arena Alpha Here (Windows)