Retrograde – Beta Demo

retrograde game 1

Retrograde is an inventive first person puzzler, in which you defy the laws of physics and gravity to recover lost memories of amnesia patients.

Being a sci-fi first person puzzler, there are obvious comparisons to Portal, but to label Retrograde a Portal copycat would do it a terrible disservice.  Retrograde brings plenty of it’s own ideas to the table, with innovative gravity based puzzles that introduce something new at every turn.

You are a new employee at Retrograde Inc., and after being shown the ropes by a rather eccentric guide/narrator, you must delve into the minds of amnesia patients, unlocking an important memory which is key to curing them.  You do this by entering their subconscious and unlocking the pathways through increasingly intricate and inventive puzzles – using a gravity gun which is capable of manipulating different colored boxes and flipping the gravity of a room.

Retrograde really does impress with it’s, fun gravity flipping gameplay, intelligent puzzle design, witty dialogue and subconscious delving premise.  It will draw comparisons to the mighty Portal, but the main similarity is just that you’ll be GlaDOS you played it!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available