Return – Alpha Demo

Return is a very stylish pixel art action adventure where you return to your home planet to find it mutated beyond recognition and controlled by an AI called “Mother”.

In Return you follow the story of an explorer whose home planet was once being ravaged by resource depletion and war. You had managed to earn enough cash to purchase a spaceship that would take you to a new life on a more hospitable colony planet. However, while you were in cryo-sleep during the long journey your ship was damaged and it auto-navigated its way back to your home planet.

Much time has passed since you left, the land is unrecognisable and mechanical monstrosities roam the lands. You now need to explore, survive and collect the various parts to repair your ship and escape.

The Return demo build takes around 15 minutes to play through and features two endings to discover. The combat feels like a much easier accessible take on Soulsian combat, with a generous stamina bar, fast attacks and the ability to switch between ranged and melee weapons. There are also some interesting bits of lore to discover by solving puzzles and reading the descriptions of certain objects you can buy.

It’s a very promising game with a very interesting setting within the rebirth of an desolate planet, fun combat and some very stylish pixel art visuals. By the end of the demo you’ll be dying to return to Return.

Download The Return Beta Demo Here (Windows)