Return – Game Jam Build Download

Return is an atmospheric little low rez puzzle adventure where you search for parts to modify a satellite uplink to call for a lift after crashing into the moon.

Created for the Low Rez Jam, Return sees you exploring the surface of a crater on the moon and searching for the various parts required to get your satellite uplink up and running again. You’ve just crashed in the crater, but there’s a ship orbiting nearby, which will be able to send down a transport ship if you can communicate with it.

Taking around 10 minutes to play though, Return is a fairly simple game with puzzles that are solved just by having the right equipment and clicking in the right place, but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and it really feels like you’re all by yourself on that empty moon. The low rez visuals work well, leaving you guessing until the last minute what each structure you spot in the distance is (and also making it tricky to spot the hidden pendant collectibles). Turns out calling for a lift is a little tricky when there’s no Uber drivers nearby!

Download Return Here (Windows)