Return of Curiosity – Beta Download

Return of Curiosity is a beautiful and oddly touching little narrative-driven exploration adventure about a long lost Mars Rover in search of human life in the wastelands of Mars.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Return of Curiosity takes place in a future where humanity has colonized Mars. However, long before they colonized Mars they sent two Rovers to explore the planet. One (called Opportunity) was lost, so NASA did everything they could to ensure the survival of Curiosity, the second one, even going as far as to grant it sentience.

Now, many years after Curiosity was thought to be lost, it awakens and attempts to track down its makers and return home. You take control of Curiosity and explore the Red Planet, discovering debris and voice recordings left by humanity. It’s a big journey, but you’re quite speedy for a rover and you even unlock a hendy new ability later on.

The ending is a little abrupt at the moment, but on the whole Return of Curiosity is a wonderful little adventure. The barren surface of Mars is an interesting place to explore and really makes you feel alone and isolated. Your little rover doesn’t utter a word during the entire game, but somehow you feel connected to it and feel invested in getting it home. A curious little game well worth checking out.

Download the Return of Curiosity Beta Here (Windows)