Return of the Obra Dinn – Prototype Download

Return of the Obra Din

Return of the Obra Dinn – from the creator of the highly acclaimed Papers, Please – is an innovative first person mystery adventure where you must explore an eerily empty ghost-ship, and uncover what happened to the crew.

Still early in development, it impresses from the get-go, with it’s striking visual style that’s reminiscent of the artwork in old text based adventures but rendered in first person 3D.  It’s set on a merchant ship named “Obra Dinn” which was declared lost at sea after setting sail from London with 200 tons of trade goods, only to mysteriously appear six years later damaged and drifting into a port with no crew on board.

As you explore the Obra Dinn, you’ll come across the remains of the crew, and using a mysterious pocket watch of death that allows you to see the exact time of their death in freeze-frame, you have to figure out who they are and how they died.  There’s no hand holding, you’ll have to be pretty observant and use your deductive skills to decipher this salty puzzle.  It must be stressed that this is still very early in development, but it’s already a very impressive super stylish seafaring mystery – highly recommended.

Note: When playing on Mac press Command + F to exit fullscreen mode & then exit the game.

Download the Return of the Obra Dinn Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)