Re:Turn – One Way Trip – Beta Download

Re:Turn – One Way Trip is a is strange, surreal and very creepy Asian 2D side-scrolling horror adventure in which you solve puzzles and unravel a tragic tale hidden within an old abandoned train.

In Re:Turn – One Way Trip you play Saki, a college student who goes on a camping trip with her friends. After telling ghost stories around the fire everyone retires to their tents, but you wake up in the middle of the night, alone in the darkness with no-one around. After searching for your friends you come across a broken down old train and board it looking for answers…

Re:Turn – One Way Trip blends beautiful hand drawn artwork and detailed 2D pixel art as it weaves its intricate tale of the tortured ghosts that haunt a decaying old train. The Asian horror movie-esque narrative plays out by combining nostalgic flashbacks of the past with the eerie fright-filled moments in the present as you attempt to solve puzzles and escape with your friends.

It has a few translation issues and some of the puzzles can be particularly hard but it’s a riveting experience from start to finish. The artwork is excellent, there’s a great sense of tension, the narrative is intriguing and there are more than a few ‘holy crap’ moments. If you’re looking for some spooky cerebral horror you won’t regret boarding this ghost train.

Check Out a Full Walkthrough Here

Download The Re:Turn – One Way Trip Beta Here (Windows & Mac)