REVN – Open Beta

REVN is a third person arena shooter/MOBA hybrid where you can build your own custom character and fight in tactical 5v5 matches.

In the matches of REVN the aim is to destroy the rival team’s core while defending your own. The gameplay blends fast paced arena shooter style third person combat and tactical MOBA elements as you fight for strategic points, earn resources and upgrade your characters.

The characters you build can be equipped with six unique abilities, allowing you to tailor them to your playstyle and swap between them to counter your enemies’ tactics. Throughout matches you can upgrade your abilities and you can capture terminals to boost your team’s resources.

Some of the level design does look a little stark at the moment, but it’s a promising game where winning requires a nice mixture of skill and tactics. An accessible take on the MOBA genre well worth checking out.

Download the REVN Beta Here (Steam)