Revulsion (a.k.a. Project Stray) – Prototype Download

Revulsion Project Stray Game Download

Revulsion (previously named Project Stray) draws inspiration from Doom, Quake, Dark Souls and Borderlands to create a fast paced old school shooter with loot, challenging gameplay, levelling up, crafting and chunky voxel based graphics.

The core gameplay of Revulsion plays like a voxel-based Doom, with you using speed, precision and strafing to blast your way through a volcanic hellscape filled with demonic Doom-esque monsters. There’s a Borderlands style loot system that allows you to level up and collect a wide selection of randomized loot in each playthrough though – you can equip various types of melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, rifles, heavy weapons, grenades and advanced weaponry, as well as helmets, body armor, gloves, boots, boosters, special items and jump mods.

As well as collecting new weaponry you can also buy, sell, dismantle and craft items at the end of the level. You really will need that equipment too, as it’s a tough game with a wide range of deadly a enemies on offer. Die and you’ll drop all of your unequipped loot, and will have to reach the place you died on your next attempt to pick it up.

The current build of Revulsion offers up one level, tons of loot, challenging gameplay and a vast amount of replayability thanks to the great implementation of a New Game Plus option at the end of the level. Each time you enter New Game Plus, new enemies are introduced, you level up and you collect better loot. You may start by firing a pistol at a feeble zombie, but after a few runs through the game you’ll be firing a minigun at the Devil!

It’s a fun game, with a fabulous blend of brutal, skill based run n’ gun action, well implemented RPG-elements and lots of lovely loot. Whether you’re wielding a shotgun, a machinegun or a minigun, the combat it very satisfying, with tight controls, challenging gameplay and plenty of dismemberment. Highly recommended.

Note: Press E to access your Inventory. Press Shift to activate your booster (heals you if you have healing ability equipped). And we highly recommend checking out New Game Plus!

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Download The Revulsion (a.k.a. Project Stray) Prototype Here (Windows)