Rewind – Alpha Demo

rewind game

Rewind is a time bending first person single-player puzzle adventure in which you have the ability to record copies of yourself then rewind time and work alongside your copies co-operatively.

Set inside a Portal-esque research center, you travel between areas that are self contained puzzles.  Most of these require more than one person to solve (as you’ll need to distract guards or activate touch-pads), and although you’re on your own in the facility, you do have the nifty ability to record copies of yourself and rewind time, allowing you to effectively work alongside yourself to solve the puzzles.

You have three recording slots available in total, allowing for some satisfyingly complex puzzle design that will require more than a little bit of lateral thinking.  It’s a clever game, full of possibilities as you play with yourself in this fun time bending puzzler.

Download the Alpha Demo Here (Windows)