Rewinder – Student Game Download

Rewinder is a Sci-Fi first person parkour platformer where you use an ability to rewind time as you race through visually stunning abstract worlds.

Created by students at ETPA, Rewinder is an incredibly stylish parkour platformer with a clever time-rewinding mechanic. In each level your aim is to collect the keys to open a gate then make your way to the gate. Collecting the keys often requires you stray from the main path, but once you collect them you can rewind time to take you back to the main path, allowing you to save time and keep possession of the keys.

Your character is pretty agile, with them able to run, jump, slide and wall-slide through the levels. The ability to rewind time at any time really comes in handy too, as you can avoid deaths and missed jumps at the press of a button.

Rewinder doesn’t quite manage to have the same great sense of momentum and movement as the likes of Mirror’s Edge, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. The environments you run through are absolutely beautiful, the narrative is very intriguing and the time-travel mechanic really comes in handy. A super stylish rewinding parkour platformer well worth pressing play on.

Download Rewinder Here (Windows)