RezPlz – Alpha Demo

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RezPlz is a cleverly crafted dual character single player or co-op puzzle platforming adventure in which you take on the role of two magically inclined brothers who have the ability to resurrect each other.

In RezPlz you take on the role of two young apprentice wizards who were given powerful resurrection scrolls from their parents in-case they ever got into any trouble while studying at the Wizard University. Those scrolls will really come in handy as an ancient order of corrupted wizards have descended on the University, with an aim of committing wizardcide. It’s up to your two less than perfect students to rise to the occasion (and rise from the grave) to save the day.

RezPlz is playable in single player with you switching between control of the two brothers or local co-op with one player controlling each. The brothers can interact with each others live or dead bodies in different ways to allow the to progress through the levels. If one brother dies, the other has the ability to resurrect them at the press of a button, using up a gemstone in the process (you can carry three gemstones at a time).

The current Alpha Demo build features one fairly short level and a versus mode, but the inventive puzzles, fun gameplay and excellent pixel art animation impress throughout. There’s a delightfully morbid enjoyment to be had in using your brother’s corpse as a platform or standing on their head while they burn in hot lava!

Note: Press the RMB or ‘B’ to swing from chandeliers or pick up objects (such as dead goats)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The RezPlz Alpha Demo Here (Windows)