Rhiannon – Game Jam Build Download

rhiannon game

Rhiannon is a very stylish game made for the Myst Jam, in which you explore a bizarre and beautiful world inspired by the songs of Fleetwood Mac and The Weeknd.

You are an old man who is making his way to the City. You are not sure why you are going this way, just that you are following some strange, yellow, glowing bugs. You are a pilgrim, unsure of your name as people have lost the knowledge of it. Along the way to the town, you find a pair of glowing eyes staring at you. These curious eyes take your interest and become somewhat of a friend, leading you into the town.

This game contains some musical references and word collages. These word collages are used in quite a different way then you would normally see them. Glowing words describing a place give you the general feel of the area, of what you are about to go into. The city, the bar, different areas in the game are described to you by these neon glowing letters instead of shown in graphical style. This adds quite an interesting element to the game, it does not feel incomplete in a graphical sense – more like enhanced. This visual style and accompanying chiptune soundtrack really help to make Rhiannon a truly unique audio/visual experience well worth exploring.

Download Rhiannon Here (Win, Mac & Linux)