Rhythm Fighter – Beta Demo

Rhythm Fighter is a rhythm action roguelike brawler that puts the BEAT in “beat ‘em up”, as you pulverize hordes of brainwashed vegetables along to the music.

The head-bopping rhythm action gameplay of Rhythm Fighter takes place in a world where the nefarious Commander Chaos has used dark beat energy to turn peaceful vegetables into his evil minions. Under the guidance of a mysterious and groovy man called “Mr Disco”, you must now set out to save the world by moving and attacking along to the beat of the music.

The full game will feature a lot more content and more playable characters, but the current build of Rhythm Fighter offers a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with one playable character and two differently themed procedurally generated levels, culminating in two big boss fights. The stages have branching pathways with a nice variety of enemies to tackle, which are all beautifully animated and require different tactics to defeat.

Your character can move, roll, attack and use special abilities – all of which work better if you do them in time with the beat of the music. there’s also a variety of cool weapons to collect and use that can significantly alter your playstyle – such as electric boxing gloves, a handgun or a fish.

It really is a blast dance-fighting your way through the wonderfully weird musical world of Rhythm Fighter. It’s surprisingly easy to get into the rhythm of the (excellent) songs and there’s a real joy to beating up the beautifully animated veggies along to the beat. It really is murder on the dancefloor in this fantastic BEAT ‘em up! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Rhythm Fighter Beta Demo Here (Steam)