Rhythm Rush – Alpha Demo

Rhythm Rush Game

Rhythm Rush is a slick blend of tunnel running, parkour and rhythm action in which you run, jump, slide, shoot and wall run your way through a pulsing neon corridor in which obstacles spawn in time with the music.

There are three audio tracks to race your way through in the current build of Rhythm Rush, each with different selectable difficulty levels (we’d recommend Easy mode first). Your goal is to make it as far as possible through the pulsing obstacle-filled corridor by using a mixture of parkour and shooting skills. It hs a few rough edges, but even in these early stages it’s great fun (especially once you start to chain together a few of your moves in one full motion) and the full game will allow players to battle bosses and use their own music to generate the levels.

It can take a minute to get used to (a quick restart option would be nice), but once you get to grips with it then it’s a blast hurtling down the super cool music synched corridors. A stylish rhythm action tunnel runner that’ll really make you move to the beat.

Important Note: To get through the higher holes in walls you’ll need to wall-run then jump through.

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Download The Rhythm Rush Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Rhythm Rush – Alpha Demo”

  1. Haha, you’ve got a bit of a typo in the Important Note section. Unless you really do need a walrus to do the high jump ;)

    • Haha, whoops! That would make for a very different game! Thanks for the heads up, that’s it fixed now. :)

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