RiddleBox – Beta Demo

RiddleBox is a very cleverly constructed Sci-Fi puzzle box game where you solve puzzles to open a series of intricately designed futuristic boxes.

RiddleBox has a very tactile gameplay style and intricately constructed puzzle boxes that are fondly reminiscent of The Room games, but with more of a futuristic Sci-Fi setting. You’re given no context for what you’re doing – you’re simply presented with some mysterious boxes and tasked with figuring out how to open them up.

It’s got a great futuristic Sci-Fi aesthetic and an intuitive interface that allows you to freely rotate the boxes as you try to decipher their mysteries. It’s clear a lot of thought has gone into designing the puzzle boxes too as they’re very cleverly designed, require real thought to open and the way the mechanisms all slide around are very satisfying.

Download The RiddleBox Beta Demo Here (Windows)