Ride Jumper – Game Jam Build

ride jumper

Originally developed for the 2015 Train Jam, Ride Jumper is a hysterical physics-based jumper game where the player is to ride every ride in the park before it closes.

Essentially, every stage is a new park, with a timer and a set amount of rides to enjoy before it’s all over. The player is launched into the first ride, and must use the space bar and arrow keys to fling their character to the next ride. It’s a frantic flinging spree that will challenge the player’s resolve, balancing time and accuracy to complete each round.

The levels feature rides that all vary in velocity and function. Ferris Wheels are easy to get the hang of, while roller coasters and vertical tilt-a-whirls provide a bit more dimension in the challenge department. Tower drop rides will give the player a chance to launch themselves straight into the air, using the arrow keys they can influence the direction of the character in order to reach rides that are just out of reach. This is an excellent tactic for compensating a bad toss, which could result in injury or death.

It’s easy to get lost in the fun to be had in Ride Jumper, but that could result in failure, as the timer will run out just when the player is preoccupied with flinging their little red guy in peculiar trajectories.  Remember you’ve got to ride every ride before the park closes!

Play Ride Jumper in a Unity Supported Browser HERE