Riders of Icarus – Open Beta

Riders of icarus beta

Riders of Icarus is a high-fantasy action MMORPG that transports players to a majestic world full of dragons, magic, and powerful enemies. You play as one of the Riders, a special subset of humans gifted with the ability to tame — and ride — fierce beasts.

Outside of the super-fun mechanics of collecting and riding creatures like horses, dragons, and magic horses, Riders of Icarus also puts forward an interesting combo-based combat system that feels like a happy meeting place between classic point-and-click button mashing and strategic non-targeting gameplay. If you time your attacks just so, you’ll be able to juggle your enemies in the air, which is pretty neat. The game also lets you engage in mounted combat, whether in the air or on the ground, which can add a refreshing dimension to the game (especially when the game’s rather typical quest lines become a bore).

Riders of Icarus boasts a decent class roster for an MMO of its size. Wizards harness the power of the elements to target and destroy enemies from afar. Guardians and Berserkers act as melee combat specialists, with the former protecting party members and the latter doling out massive damage. Assassins are lithe, quick killers, and of course, Priests will be there to scrape your sorry butt off the ground with their light magic.

As flashy and fun as Riders of Icarus is, it is a Korean MMO, which can translate to a serious time commitment if you’re looking to “tame ‘em all”.  If you’re looking to invest some time (and potentially money) into a new MMORPG, publishers Nexon are hosting an Open Beta of the game so you can give it a go. The latest update to the Open Beta has included a new cash shop, an achievement system, familiar skins, and new customization options for your character. During the Open Beta Celebration Event, you’ll also receive a free Dragon Fire Shoulder Raven for logging in!

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