Riders of Rhea – Game Jam Build Download

Riders of Rhea game

Riders of Rhea is a super cool top down motorbike combat roguelike in which you blast enemies, collect upgrades and attempt to survive on a distant moon for as long as possible.

Created for the 7DRL Jam, in Riders of Rhea you control a nifty little motorbike that must fight for survival against increasingly tough gangs of bikers. You start with a standard motorbike, but each time you defeat a group of bikers you’ll gain one (or more) random upgrade that will increase your chances of survival on this pitch black moonscape.

You can spot closeby enemies on your radar and will have to pick your fights carefully – you have limited fuel so don’t want to drive too far and attacking too large a group of bikers is often suicide. You can use water cooling to increase your capabilities for a short time, but much like fuel, water is in short supply here too.

Riders of Rhea really impresses with it’s stylish pixel art animation, super cool soundtrack and addictive motorbike riding roguelike gameplay which provides that all important ‘just one more go’ factor. How long will you survive on the dark side of the moon?

Tip: When taking on groups of bikes it’s often best to focus on one at a time.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Riders of Rhea Here

Download Riders of Rhea Here (Win, Mac & Linux)