Ridgewood Road – Game Jam Build Download

Ridgewood Road is an excellent little supernatural pixel art horror adventure which follows a police officer as she investigates a very strange missing person case.

Drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire, Mother 3 and Silent Hill, Ridgewood Road is a well crafted little horror adventure that treads a fine line between being charming and chilling. In the game you take control of Deputy Rachel Collins as she investigates a report from a concerned citizen that their neighbor has been missing for the past few days. Things start off fairly pleasantly, but as you delve deeper into the investigation, things really start to get weird.

Ridgewood Road does a fantastic job of building its characters and weaving it’s creepy narrative throughout its (roughly) 40 minute play time. The dialogue is well written, the pixel art animation is very well done and the way it blends charming characters with terrifying situations feels fondly reminiscent of Japanese RPG Maker horror games like Corpse Party. A creepy macabre mystery well worth investigating.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ridgewood Road Here (Windows & Browser)