Ridiculous Fist – Alpha Demo

Ridiculous Fist Game Download

Ridiculous Fist is a fun blend of platforming and *ahem* fisting, as you control your character with the keyboard and a six foot tall magical floating fist with the mouse!

It’s not clear why narratively, but for some reason in Ridiculous Fist you control a human and a giant fist, and must make your way through challenging physics based puzzle platforming levels. Your human is capable of basic platforming skills, but the fist has quite a few nifty tricks up it’s sleeves (if it had any sleeves). Controlled with the mouse, the huge floating fist can smash blocks out of the way, move pillars, push buttons, hold platforms and bash enemies.

Ridiculous Fist is still very early in development so does have a few rough edges, such as the rather imprecise platforming skills of the human that can cause some rage quit inducing platforming sections, but the concept and core gameplay is fun. The symbiosis between the fist and the human shows a lot of potential and it’s great fun smashing things out of the way with the fist. A fistful of puzzle platforming fun!

Tip: If you let go of the Left Mouse Button the fist will stay in position even when the screen moves (handy if the fist is holding a block you intend to use as a platform).

Vote For Ridiculous Fist on Greenlight and Download the Alpha Demo Here (Windows)