Right Click to Hack – Game Jam Build Download

right click to hack

Right Click to Hack, a game created by Mechabit for the Nordeus Hackathon 15, is an adorable first person puzzle adventure in which you control an entire team of robots by (as the title suggests) right clicking to hack your way to victory.

The 3 pieces that make up Mechabit (Kevin Tsang, Julian Fisher and Vivienne Wu) should commend themselves for making such an enjoyable, quick and extremely cute puzzle game. The main object of the game is to make your way through a building full of obstacles to purge the corrupted computer of its virus. You start out as what appears to be a security camera. You have the ability to look at your surroundings, the walls feeling lifeless and the silence almost unbearable. You happen upon a tiny little robot, situated on the floor beneath your position and as you mouse over it crosshair pops up with the words Right Click To Hack. Seeing as this could be your only escape from the stationary camera you do so. In that split second your ears will be engulfed by blissful 8 bit tunes, and the once lifeless robot comes to life with you at the helm.

As you venture through the building, you come across various other robots, each of which has its own unique uses (such as stopping lasers, Destroying Boxes and Even flight). The game may be short, but the happiness you retain from playing this beautifully designed and incredibly scored indie title is well worth its weight in gold. From the adorable music that is different for each team member, to the cute Emoji faces that each robot has, Right Click to Hack is a fantastic puzzle platformer, that brings a spark of life to the genre and is certain to leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Download Right Click To Hack Here (Windows Only)