Ring of Elysium – Beta Download

Ring of Elysium offers an interesting twist on the battle royale formula, with you attempting to drive, snowboard, zip-line, glide and fight your way to rescue chopper with only 4 spare seats on it, before being engulfed by a massive snowstorm.

Set within a beautiful, but deadly mountain range, in Ring of Elysium the sub-zero temperatures can be just as deadly as the other players. You drop into the map and must attempt to survive long enough for the rescue helicopter to arrive then make it to that helicopter in one piece.

There’s a nice selection of weaponry to find and a variety of vehicles (monster trucks, snow-mobiles, etc.) as in most Battle Royale games, but it’s the extreme sports kit that’s realy game-changing. At the start of each match you can choose from one of three load-outs – the gliding pack, the skiing pack and the climbing pack. The gliding pack allows you to whip out a glider at any time to soar through the air, the skiing pack allows you to snowboard and the climbing pack allows you to climb and use zip-lines.

It’s a great take on the battle royale genre that actually surpasses PUBG on many fronts. The UI is intuitive and the snowboarding, zip-lining and gliding options really add to the game, allowing you to cover ground quickly right from the off and get out of danger quickly when necessary. A viable and surprisingly great alternative to PUBG.

Download The Ring of Elysium Beta Here (Steam)