Riot Beat – Game Jam Build Download

Riot Beat is a challenging little retro styled platforming beat ‘em up where you battle various types of red stick men on the rooftops of a city.

In Riot Beat you control a little yellow stickman who has to fight his way through a series of challenging levels full of red stickman enemies. In each level you can only take six hits before you die so you need to time your movements and attacks to deal with the various types of enemy you meet. Initially this is fairly easy, but as new enemies, more challenging enemy placement and bosses are introduced things get a much tougher tougher.

There’s no narrative and the controls are as simple as the visuals, but it’s a surprisingly challenging and addictive little game. The retro visual style works very well and it’s fun trying to figure out the best way to approach each enemy. See if you can beat Riot Beat!

Download Riot Beat Here (Windows)