RIPOUT – Pre-Alpha Demo

RIPOUT is a very freaky new roguelite Sci-Fi bio-horror FPS where your gun is alive and you can attach enemies to your body to give you extra weaponry.

Playable in single-player or online co-op, RIPOUT is a Sci-Fi horror roguelite FPS that draws inspiration from Alien and The Thing. It takes place in a dark future where a biotech weapon that humanity created has gone out of control and started fusing with machines. It overran Earth and now you form part of a task force in charge of eradicating it from the refugee ships.

The gameplay in RIPOUT is a little slower paced and survival horror styled than the likes of DOOM. As you make your way through each area you need to complete objectives and you can collect perks, whilst also dealing with any enemies that come your way. The monsters can blend into the environments quite well, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and keep an ear out for any telltale sounds.

You have one main gun, a sidearm and an axe, but your main gun is no ordinary weapon. It’s made of the same biotech as the monsters you’re fighting and it’s alive, but thankfully it’s on your side! Not only can you send the gun to attack larger enemies, but you can use it to catch some of the small enemies and attach them to your body, giving you a limited use weapon or shield into the bargain. Those small enemies can also attach themselves to the bigger ones too though, which can make for some very intense fights.

Even in a Pre-Alpha stage of development RIPOUT is a very polished experience. The Giger-esque environments and enemy designs are fantastic. Meanwhile the gun and enemy-attaching mechanics look very cool and add a lot to the gameplay. It all makes for a very tense and atmospheric FPS that feels more akin to a survival horror game than a DOOM style shooter. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The RIPOUT Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)