Rising Hell – Beta Demo

Rising Hell is a fast paced heavy gothic metal roguelite action platformer where you fight your way up a randomly generated tower in Hell.

In Rising Hell you are a damned soul who has been tasked by Mephisto the Trickster to climb a tower that imprisons Lucifer and defeat the four Archdemons that guard it. Sure, it’ll probably free the dark lord and allow him to run amok, but as long as you escape that’s the main thing!

The gameplay in Rising Hell is fast paced, brutal and a hell of a lot of fun, with you climbing and chaining together devastating Devil May Cry-esque combos. You’re satisfyingly powerful and can dispatch most enemies without too much fuss. It’s still a tough game though as health is in short supply, bosses are tough and there are special challenge areas that can do some serious damage to your health bar if you’re careless.

You can choose different routes as you climb the tower and at the end of each section you can choose to purchase one of three randomly selected perks (if you have enough red orbs anyway). You can also choose a special perk when you start the game and the full game will have unlockable characters with unique abilities. Combine them with some pretty badass powerups and you’ll be slicing and dicing your way out of Hell in no time!

It’s a very impressive game with fantastic quality pixel art animation, a rocking soundtrack and some very enjoyable combo-filled action platforming gameplay. It makes you feel like a demon-slaying legend as your agile little hero ascends the tower but it’ll slap you down if you get too cocky! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Rising Hell Gameplay Video Here

Download the Beta Demo Here or Purchase The Full Beta Here on Steam