Rising Islands – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rising Islands

Rising Islands is a fun dimension-flipping third person platformer that plays like a blend of Sonic and Mirrors Edge, with you using your parkour skills to collect energy shards and speed-run through levels as fast as possible.

Set in a mystical land that has been torn apart and split into two dimensions, you control Hairo, a young adventurer who has the power to jump between these dimensions, and set out on a quest to restore order to the world.  This basically means racing through well designed levels built from floating islands, using your parkour skills to run, jump and wall-run, while using your dimension flipping skills to switch between the red and blue dimensions.

It’s still very early in development, but the high speed parkour platforming already makes for fun gameplay as you multi-task between wall-running, jumping and switching between dimensions.  A fun, fast paced and intense speed-run orientated parkour platformer.

Check Out a Rising Islands Gameplay Video Here

Download the Rising Islands Pre-Alpha Demo Here