Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Open Beta (Steam)

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Open Beta

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is now in Open Beta, with players able to download it now and take part in intense asymmetrical multiplayer warfare as the heavily armed US forces take on the guerrilla tactics of the Vietnamese.

We first covered Rising Storm 2: Vietnam last year during the Closed Beta sign ups, and were very intrigued by it’s promise of large scale 64-player warfare that focuses on realism, teamwork and tactics. We’re happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint, building on the gritty realism of the Rising Storm (the standalone expansion for Red Orchestra 2) to create a brutal and intense tactical shooter that really immerses you in the experience.

As well as offering authentic, visceral combat, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam really impresses with its recreation of the asymmetry between the two opposing forces. In most war games the two sides generally have very similar weaponry, which means that you don’t really alter your tactics depending on what side you’re on. Not so in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam though – each side is still evenly matched, but the weaponry you use and the tactics you employ are very different depending on who play as. The US Armed Forces may have gunships, napalm and recon aircraft, but the Viet Cong have improvised weapons, traps, ambushes and a home field advantage that make them a formidable force in the battlefield.

It’s an impressive game that offers a third option to those fatigued by CoD and Battlefield’s increasingly over the top silliness. A cerebral, atmospheric and strategic take on warfare that revels in its realism. The Open Beta is live until 4pm EDT Monday the 22nd, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Download The Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Open Beta Here (Steam)