Risk System – Alpha Demo

Risk System is a beautifully animated and super tough side scrolling shoot ‘em up that rewards you for flying close to enemy fire.

In Risk System you pilot an experimental spaceship that’s capable of absorbing energy from enemy fire and using it to power your special weapon. Colliding with enemy fire or enemies will cause you to lose a segment of your health bar, but if you fly close enough to them then you’ll absorb their energy and use it against them.

Once fully charged, firing your special weapon performs a “Risk Shot” that acts as a smart bomb, causing all the enemies on screen to explode and drop small fragments of health for you to pick up. There are no power-ups or health pick-ups other than the ones earned from the Risk Shot, so it’s best to save your Risk Shots for times of danger or when there’s plenty of enemies on screen to replenish your health.

Even in these early stages of development the animation and level of polish in Risk System is superb. It’s a tricky game, that can take a little getting used to, but you’ll get better with each new attempt as you learn attack patterns and the best places to use your Risk Shots. A slick, stylish and super tough side scrolling shmup’ where the best defence is a risky offence!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Risk System Alpha Demo Here (Windows)