Ritu-Blah-Blau – Game Jam Build Download

ritu blah blau

Ritu-Blah-Blau, an endless multitasking walker made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you keeping up with your social network and avoiding obstacles while walking down the sidewalk.

You just have bought your first smartphone! Now, you are able to connect to 4G and use your phone to socialize with your besties via Gazebook. Much like a popular website with a similar name, Gazebook allows you to “like” posts and gain friends. Currently, you do not have too many friends, so you must like the right posts to gain popularity. Liking the wrong post will cause a drop in friends, so be sure to choose wisely!

As you are scrolling and liking the best statuses, you are also walking down a sidewalk full of hazards. Dogs peeing, signs, other people, and bike racks all stand in your way. You must look up from your phone every now and then to see where you are going and move to avoid obstacles. As you get better at multitasking, you will start walking faster, so you’d better be careful –  if you collide anything on the sidewalk, you’ll and stay a social outcast!

Play or Download Ritu-Blah-Blau Here (Win, Mac & Browser)